Emily Freiman

Emily Ann Freiman, MA (College of Notre Dame de Namur) ATR-Registered Art Therapist, Retired), blends a solid New England classical fine arts background (Paier College of Art in Connecticut) with a joyous California sensibility. Artist, illustrator, trained in surface textile design, Chinese brush painting trained, published poet, and painting instructor, she works in both representational and abstract genres.  Mediums include acrylic, pastel, oil, watercolor, mixed media, and applied arts: painted silk and  fabric. Emily facilitated watercolor and acrylic painting workshops and classes in Napa, for  individuals and groups. Emily’s giclee work- “Hot Pink Fuchsias” hangs in four suites at the  Napa River Inn. She has served ten years as board member and President (five years) of the Art  Association Napa Valley and is editor of the AANV Palette Newsletter. Having created and  facilitated a three-year-long “Invite the Muse” writing/artmaking course to adults in Napa, she  plans to publish a workbook as well as a few poetry volumes.

About Her Representational Work: “This work, consisting of still lifes, landscapes, seascapes,  florals and portraits, are rendered in watercolor, oil, pastel, and acrylic. I used live setups and instructed eager students in my backyard summer wine country teaching studio, and also taught  for the Grumbacher Paints/Michael’s Arts and Crafts corporations. Many of my works arose from these teaching moments.”

About Her Abstract Work: “Artmaking is an unfolding path that ever leads forward into new,  unknown regions: the creation of delightful, pleasing forms. Through quieting outer mind  chatter and tuning inward, I give form to the gestural, emotional and subconscious images that arise from hidden depths. Utilizing solid concepts I was taught in art school is the key to a  balanced, pleasing successful work of abstraction: paying attention to line, form, color, shape,  value, texture, and direction.”

General Statement: “Art can be a portal that transports the viewer to a richer dimension. It can  open us to experience a color vibration, an energetic concept, and a deeper truth. Each painting is  uniquely “translated” by each person that gazes upon it. What does a piece say? What language  does it express? What feelings does it evoke in you? Pick the ones that speak to you. Let your  choices be an upliftment in your world. Allow it to connect you with your Inner Muse, and bring  you what you need- peace, excitement, or joy!”

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