The Lore of the

Napa Valley Merchant

This is a story as old as the hills surrounding Napa Valley. It is one steeped in the history and romance of long forgotten times… from people and places not too familiar anymore, but just as important as any nowadays. You see, Napa has a rich and varied history stretching back to its Native people, something many of us may not even know.

A Merchant Man came to Napa Valley one day looking for things to open a shop… curios and the like. He carried a bag to put his treasures in… something that became his trademark. Much to his delight, as he travelled the Valley, he uncovered a historical treasure of places long-since gone. Learning this, he carefully selected items celebrating the history and culture of the Valley’s past as well as its vibrant present. Each item has a story… a hidden tale if you will… We welcome you to join him in his travels… we promise… you won’t be disappointed.